VW GTI MK7.5 Carbon Fiber Front Lip

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With the MK7.5 being enthusiasts' new favorite generation yet, It was only a matter of time until we released a new kick to the MK7.5 front end. We bring MK7.5 GTI owners a high quality, perfectly fitted front lip at a reasonable price. Compliment your GTI's stock front end with a new taste of aggressive looks & edges. Our new carbon collection are designed 100% fron scratch. Our process includes 3D scanning, 3D rendering, printing, and CNC mold production for hand laid pre-impregnated high gloss carbon fiber.  This item mounts directly to your factory MK7.5 front bumper with without removing of any existing piece. Adding mounting holes will be necessary. With this being a custom made item, please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping