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In-House Carbon Fiber Wrapping.


Carbon Fiber, by far, is the highest demanded aftermarket product for most platforms across the country. Not only does it show enthusiasm, but also, luxury. 

Our carbon fiber interior pieces are made here in the USA, at our Atlanta workstation. Every piece is wrapped in 100% authentic carbon fiber, using OEM  trim pieces. 

The process:

Upon order, you will receive a USA pre-paid shipping label (already included in price) to your email, to send in your pieces in for production.

Production can take anywhere from 3-5 business days for completion. Shipping back to the customer is always, on us.

Each piece is carefully sanded, bonded, laid, covered, sanded, and cured to a even finish before applying clear coat. Pieces are held for an extra few hours upon curing to ensure maximum cure. 


We carry many different fabric colors and combinations. The most commonly ordered ones are available for your purchase.

4-piece door trims starting at $349. Dash trim panels $349, or $549 for the full carbon package.

Don't want to send in your trim? No problem! contact us to source an exact trim to accommodate your vehicle.


If you haven't heard about us yet, customer service is 100% top priority. We guarantee our product, and will re-wrap/replace any piece we did from any manufacturing defects for 2 years. 

For more custom options and projects, feel free to contact us anytime at:  



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