BMW Weighted Aluminum Shift Knob Installation Instructions

BMW Weighted Aluminum Shift Knob Installation Instructions

Step 1: Insert your car into second gear.

Step 1: Insert your vehicle into second gear.


Step 2: Pull very hard directly up on the shift knob to break it free of the shift rod. 

Caution: Please be careful doing this step, as many customers reported pulling too hard and hitting themselves in the face. 


Step 3: Once stock shift knob is off, take your Euro Impulse adapter and slide it all the way down, just before the little nibble on the bottom of the rod.


Step 4: Tighten adapter using the allen key provided by Euro Impulse.


Step 5: Twist your Euro Impulse adapter onto the rod and so that it covers the whole adapter.


Step 6: Make sure everything looks good. If the logo/engraving on your shift knob is not facing the correct direction, untwist the knob to become  loose, high enough to reach the screws. Loosen the screws and adjust the adapter with the correct turn so that everything is aligned properly.

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