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Audi B5 A4/S4 Sedan Carbon Fiber "A" Pillars



B5 A4/S4 Rear Carbon Fiber "A" Pillar set:

Introducing our newest carbon fiber product for the B5, this quality piece consists of 100% authentic Japanese twill weave carbon fiber, with no additional filling to make add extra unwanted weight.

With a piece very light in weight, The A pillar is precisely designed to fit the as an OEM replacement of factory pillars of a B5 sedan, with only factory mounting bolts, and no additional installation hardware is required.


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For the A pillars, they are direct OEM replacement of the factory pillars. please be careful and smart while installing them to not crack or break the mounting points, as the pillar can be tight at the mounts. SLOWLY and GENTLY space out the mounting points with a small flat head screw driver or pry bar if needed for instillation. The rear window trim is a real carbon fiber layover. 

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