Why weighted shift knob?

Title: Upgrade Your Driving Experience with a Weighted Shift Knob

If you're a car enthusiast, you know that every little detail can make a big difference when it comes to the driving experience. That's why many drivers are turning to weighted shift knobs as a simple but effective way to improve their shifting and overall performance. In this post, we'll cover the benefits of a weighted shift knob and why you should consider adding one to your car.

  1. Improved Shifting Feel

A weighted shift knob can help to improve the feel of your shifts by providing more resistance and a more satisfying click when changing gears. This can help to make shifting smoother and more precise, which can be especially beneficial for drivers who enjoy spirited driving or track days.

  1. Reduced Fatigue

Shifting with a traditional light-weight shift knob can be tiring, especially on long drives or in traffic. The added weight of a weighted shift knob can help to reduce fatigue by making shifting more effortless and less tiring over time.

  1. Stylish Upgrade

In addition to the performance benefits, a weighted shift knob can also be a stylish upgrade for your car's interior. There are a wide range of styles and finishes available to suit any taste.

  1. Personalization

A weighted shift knob can also be a great way to personalize your car and make it your own. 

In conclusion, a weighted shift knob is a simple but effective upgrade that can make a big difference in your driving experience. By improving shifting feel, reducing fatigue, adding style, and offering personalization options, a weighted shift knob is a great addition to any car enthusiast's collection.

5. Why Euro Impulse's Shift knob?

Unlike other knob manufacturers, Euro Impulse has a percisely engineered clamp on adapter that guarantees a secure fitment for all manual Audi/VW/BMW, rather than using the notoriously failing set screw method that always come lose and strip. Look through our catalogs to find the best knob that fits your taste and deeds.

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